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Put A wireless transceiver into your product with EmbedRF!

EmbedRF is a turn-key wireless transceiver solution for low data rate, ultra low-power applications. Save yourself a year's RF development time by using our technology to add short-range low-power wireless functionality to your current product. With a flexible licensing scheme, we provide multiple options for making your product wireless with our incredible wireless transceivers ; quickly, conveniently, and affordably.

With EmbedRF you can wirelessly...
• Transmit and receive 12-byte data packets at regular intervals ranging from 0.25 seconds to 12.75 seconds in 50 ms increments.
• Transmit and receive data for years using only a single coin cell battery
• Transmit and receive data at a range up to 40-50 feet
• Determine relative ranges of transmitter using RSSI (received signal strength indicator)
•Control and configure the transceiver using a simple PC interface or any microcontroller with a serial UART.

Take a look at a complete list of EmbedRF features or download a datasheet.

Are you looking...

For a stand-alone wireless transceiver that you can mount on top of your existing PCB?

To fully integrate our wireless solution into your current design?

  • We can provide that to you through our EmbedRF Integrated product. We will give you all of the Gerber design files so that you can have your own engineer integrate our RF design directly into your existing PCB layout. We then can provide you with a tiny MicroChipTM microcontroller chip that has the EmbedRF OS pre-loaded on it which automatically handles all RF data transmission between points.
  • Or you can purchase the EmbedRF circuit board schematic and see how the EmbedRF wireless transceiver was designed
  • Save yourself some time writing code and purchase the EmbedRF firmware

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How do we match up with the competition?

1-chip competition
2-chip competitor
Unit Cost (Parts only) $7.96 $8.61 $15 EmbedRF
Network license free $5,000** $5,000 EmbedRF
RF Frequencies 315\433\868\915 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz EmbedRF
Data payload size 10-bytes 8-bytes 8-bytes EmbedRF
Data Latency None 1 period 1 period EmbedRF
Periodicity 0.25 sec - 12.75 seconds <1 second < 1 second EmbedRF
Configuration states maintained on power-down Yes No No EmbedRF
Search time at 1 second 4-5 seconds 30+seconds 30 + seconds EmbedRF
RSSI Yes No No EmbedRF
Proximity Search Yes No No EmbedRF
Analog Sensors 4 channels, 10-bit A/D None None EmbedRF
Selectable baud rate Yes Yes Yes Neutral
Unit Size 0.8" x 0.7" N/A 0.8" x 0.7" Neutral
Network layer 2^24 bits 2^64 bits 2^64 bits Neutral
DeviceID in Network 2^24 bits 2^16 + 2^8 + 2^8 2^16 + 2^8 + 2^10 Neutral
Fast Mode Yes Yes Yes Neutral
# of channels 1 3 3 Competition
RF Frequency User-Control none 2.400 - 2.473 GHz 2.400 - 2.473 GHz Competition


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