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Put A wireless transceiver into your product with EmbedRF!

If you want to start experimenting with an EmbedRF wireless transceiver, you can order a development kit.

The development kit includes the following:

. Two EmbedRF wireless transceivers
. One USB interface board used to configure your EmbedRF wireless transceiver
. One USB cable
. One Battery Adapter Boards with lithium coin cell batteries (CR2032) attached
. EmbedRF Desktop Software Suite - a software application that runs on desktop PCs and can be used to control and configure the EmbedRF wireless transceiver. It can also be used as a data collector, storing all data to a Microsoft Access database.

Wireless Transceiver Development Kit by EmbedRF
We can provide the EmbedRF wireless transceiver technology as a stand-alone PCB loaded with the EmbedRF OS. You can also buy the circuit design schematic for the board and also buy the firmware for the operating system so that you can customize it for your own application

The EmbedRF Standard has all of the built-in functionality to enable low power short-range bi-directional wireless data transmission and a convenient 3-wire serial interface to other PCBs. The EmbedRF Standard has both analog input ports which may be used to acquire and transmit analog sensor data making the EmbedRF technology an ideal candidate for data logging and manufacturing applications. The EmbedRF Standard also has digital output ports for controlling peripherals.

Additional features of EmbedRF Standard are listed below:

. Configurable periodic wireless transceiver (0.25 to 12.75 second intervals
. 4 Analog channels for sensor applications and 2 digital outputs
. Operated from 400 MHz - 928 MHz
. Range of 50 feet typical (longer with alternative antenna)
. Bidirectional transmit / receive
. Point-to-point and multipoint-to-point network configuration
. Intelligent search capability using nearest transmitter criteria
. Standard serial UART interface
. Notification on transmit / receive
. Receive and transmit data is buffered
. 4 analog inputs
. Small size (about the size of a postage stamp)
. Output power up to 5 dBm
. CRC RF packet error checking
. Digital RSSI signal
. Security using 2^24 bit ID and 2^24 bit network ID
. Zero data latency
. PC / USB interface available
. 2.0 to 3.6V operation
. -40 to 85 degrees C (no trimming)
. Flexible design licensing - seamlessly integrate our Gerbers into your PCB
. Design for lowest power battery operation.
. Simplest, lowest cost turnkey wireless solution

$49 (quantity 1)

EmbedRF PCB Schematic

Interested in saving yourself some circuit design time? Purchase the schematic of the EmbedRF PCB today.

EmbedRF firmware source code

Save yourself months of software development by purchasing the EmbedRF OS firmware. An overview of the functions included in the firmware is here . The firmware is written in C and developed for Microchip PIC16F690 microcontroller. All of the features described for the EmbedRF standard are implemented within the firmware as are the drivers for controlling the Texas Instruments CC1101 transceiver are included within the firmware. Please note: if you want to flash the board, you will need to purchase an MPLab ICD 2 . If you want to make edits to the code, you will need a C-compiler and Hitech offers a free Hitech Lite version . However, the code we provide has been compiled using the Pro version and it nearly fills the memory of the PIC. We cannot guarantee that it will fit when compiled using the Lite version and you may need to remove some features. (i.e. The compiled code size can be a lot larger when compiled on the Hitech Lite version as compared with the Pro version)

Wireless transceiver by EmbedRF
In addition to providing a stand-alone PCB version of EmbedRF, we can also provide the Gerber design files so that your engineers can easily integrate our RF design directly into your own PCB. We then provide you with Microchip microcontrollers which are pre-loaded with the EmbedRF OS firmware.

The EmbedRF OS firmware provides all of the technology for handling the RF transfer between two modules. It has an intelligent search-and-link feature which enables a given EmbedRF module to initiate contact with only the EmbedRF chip which is closest in proximity to it. The EmbedRF OS was designed with power conservation in mind so that a single module can run for years off of a single lithium coin cell.
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